The Official Organization of the Monmouth County Republican Party

The following Organizations work in harmony to elect Republicans.

Each compliment each other, but due to new Election laws some events are conducted by the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club.

Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County

The Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County is a County organization of the 53 Republican Clubs in Monmouth County.  For over 68 years, the Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County has provided a friendly and relaxed forum to meet and chat with local, county, state and federal officials.

Not everyone can be elected county committee people, so this club welcomes all who want to be invited to Republican politics.

Our meetings feature informative speakers and programs, as well as an excellent opportunity to network.  The Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County is the sister organization of the Monmouth County Republican Committee.

Monmouth County Republican Committee

The Monmouth County Republican Committee is composed of duly elected representatives, selected by registered Republicans, on the official election ballot every primary election cycle.

The Municipal chair is the one person from every Township that organizes and assists his or her committee people.  The committee people are duly elected in every election district of a Township.  We have about 10000 slots for Committee people in Monmouth County.

The committee people from time to time are called on to choose from the several fine candidates seeking a County or State nomination from its party.

Club Events

The Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County tries hold at least one event per month.

Affiliated Club Events Include:

  • Breakfasts
  • Candidates Nights
  • Election and Officer Installation Nights
  • The Annual Freeholders’ Dinner
  • Pre-Election Parties
  • Post-Election TGIO Parties (Thank God It’s Over)
  • Holiday Parties and Miscellaneous Dinners
  • Thank You Committee Dinner

Check back for a listing of events held by the affiliated club – in the meantime check out our calendar (which also lists events held by other Republican organizations and individuals).